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To advance social and economic empowerment to the less fortunate in the societ (widows, plwds, ovc and girls)

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A society that embraces the rights of the less fortunate and their achievements


KCWEP has interacted with a number of widows in Kakamega County.



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Recent Projects


Due to unpredictable climatic conditions brought about by deforestation, global warming and other human activities, most members have been affected not leaving behind children too. Kakamega being one of these regions and Malava at large, it’s for these reason that KCWEP is conducting a project on Agro ecology farming in Malava Sub County.


Sorghum provides a huge opportunity for livelihood diversification in Kakamega County once the various value segments are isolated and promoted through training, capacity building, and empowerment. Sorghum flour when used alone or in combination with other ingredients has proved to be of superior nutritional and health value for children and those challenged with medical complications such as diabetes. Promotion and commercialization of sorghum-based flour products can provide a new and lucrative livelihood support base for the majority sorghum farmers in Kakamega County.


KCWEP is involved in amplifying the Voice of widows in kakamega County . The project aim of empowering the vulnerable women, widows and disabled persons to realize their full potential, worth and strength through empowerment and advocacy activities. Women and disabled persons vulnerability to poverty, economic instability, GBV, discrimination, denied access to health services and land rights is largely contextual but also indicative for the wide spread situation in western Kenya.


Kcwep in partnership with Proto Energy has been empowering rural women in embracing clean energy by issuing gas cylinder to widows through widows groups as part of ensuring we conserve the environment through use of clean energy. Since inception of the project ,Kcwep has been able to issue 2800 gas cylinders to women at a cost of ksh 1500 per cylinder(full set) paid in installment of two months. These has enabled more rural women to access gas at a cheaper cost and be able to refill at a subsidized price.The project targets to reach out to 5000 widows at the end of our 5 year partnership.

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